Glassware: Bar service


Enhance your bar service with our selection of premium crystal glassware, a sophisticated upgrade from disposable cups.

We tailor the quantity of glassware to the specifics of your event, taking into account guest count, duration, and your chosen beverage menu. The final quantity needed may vary depending on your beverage menu and the total number of servings planned.

Our collection features a variety of glass types, including highball, rocks, coupe, and wine glasses, with each type available in specific rack sizes that cannot be split.

Please note, this service is exclusively for beverages served at the bar and does not cover table settings, other event areas, or specialty glassware such as shot glasses, copper mugs, julep cups, etc., nor beer glasses, unless specifically requested, which may incur additional charges.

To ensure a seamless experience, support staff may be necessary when renting glassware from A Twist of Lime or any third-party provider.

Our comprehensive service includes delivery, handling, collection, sorting, pickup, and cleaning. For your peace of mind, a Glassware Damage Waiver is automatically applied to all glassware orders.

Modern champagne flutes are available with our Glassware: Flutes add-on.