ABC Compliant

What You Need To Know

To clarify how our service is structured: We do not include alcohol in our proposal or any of our services as we are not licensed to provide alcohol on behalf of our clients. We are, however, fully authorized to serve it in accordance with §23399.1 of the California Alcoholic Beverage Control Act (see below). We also carry the necessary insurance policies to protect our clients and their property.

This structure significantly reduces your costs as compared to a licensed beverage catering service and ensures that you only pay retail prices for your alcohol. For your budgeting purposes, most of our clients spend $6-8/person on alcohol.

We understand that the alcohol aspect can be logistically challenging for many of our clients, so we've added an optional, complimentary service for your alcohol orders: Handling & Delivery.

Further Reading

Below is the section from the California Alcoholic Beverage Control Act that specifically outlines that a license is not required to serve alcohol so long as the alcohol is provided by the host and the event is in a private setting.

§ 23399.1. When license or permit not required for serving and otherwise disposing of alcoholic beverages. No license or permit shall be required for the serving and otherwise disposing of alcoholic beverages where all of the following conditions prevail:

View the entire California ABC Act