Handling & Delivery

How It Works

Welcome to our Handling & Delivery Service, where we've made the process of obtaining your preferred alcohol selection hassle-free and convenient. We've combined retail pricing advantages with the freedom to choose the bottles you love, giving you the ultimate control over your order.

This service is optional.

To use our service, you can either place an order for delivery or drop off your own selection at our headquarters. Once we receive your order or your drop-off, we'll take care of everything from there. We'll confirm your order and ensure its safe transportation to the event venue.

Please note that by utilizing our Handling & Delivery Service, you're agreeing to the terms defined in our Service Agreement.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Should you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Event Manager or email us at events@atwistofli.me. We're always here to assist you!


You have the choice to have your order, or multiple orders, delivered directly to our warehouse from your preferred third-party vendor. Alternatively, you can drop off the order yourself.

For delivery orders, simply include your full name and our email handling@atwistofli.me on all your orders to help us efficiently track the status and details of your delivery.

If you prefer drop-off, email a copy of your purchase's invoice or receipt to your dedicated Event Manager and bring your order by at your convenience.

Rest assured that once your order is received, our meticulous Production Team will thoroughly check and account for all items. Should there be any discrepancies, we'll promptly notify you.

Name: Client Full Name

Email: handling@atwistofli.me

Address: 650 Nuttman St, Ste 114, Santa Clara, CA 95054

We're here to accept your orders on the following dates and times. Please note that we're closed on Mondays and holidays.

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10-4pm
Wednesday 10-4pm
Thursday 10-4pm
Friday 10-4pm
Saturday 10-4pm
Sunday 10-4pm

Holidays Closed