Designed with you in mind.



• Bartender

• Bar tools

Our Basic services is perfect if you already have a bar area with coolers, ice bucket, and cups. ​Best for small, 1-2 hour events with a limited menu. Some Add-Ons may not be available with this service.



• Bartender

• Bar tools

• Pop-up bar

• Coolers and ice buckets

• Trash receptacles

• Disposable cups, napkins, straws, and picks

• Printed menu

Our Core service was the original service that we launched in 2017. With this budget-friendly service, we bring all the necessary equipment to set up a complete bar area plus cups, napkins, straws, and picks. Just provide your beverages and ingredients of choice. This simple, efficient service is perfect for most backyard get-togethers, indoor gatherings, and casual events. Allowing us to provide the disposable materials ensures proper presentation and accessories for cocktails.



Everything from Core plus:

• Fresh-squeezed juices

• Handcrafted syrups 

• Premium mixers

• Craft cocktail garnishes

• Soft drinks

• Sparkling and still water

• Citrus for general garnishes

This is it. Our flagship Signature service is our preferred service for hosts who want to let the pros provide high-quality, non-alcoholic ingredients for their cocktails of choice*. We source the best ingredients available for your cocktails including fresh-squeezed juices, handcrafted syrups, premium mixers, and craft cocktail garnishes. We'll also bring a selection of mixers and soft drinks to increase the variety of possibilities for your guests to consider.

*Some restrictions apply. Ingredients for up to 3 cocktails are included.

Ingredients for Additional Signature Cocktails can be added for a fee.