Host Checklist

Remember that this is a simplified checklist. Always refer back to the full Service Agreement for detailed information and terms.

Relinquishing Alcohol Authority: Upon inspection and acceptance by Bar Service, the Host will hand over all alcohol intended for serving. Bar Service assumes full authority and discretion for serving alcohol for the duration of the event.

Alcohol, Ingredients, and Materials Preparation: All alcohol, ingredients, and materials must be sorted and placed at the designated bar location prior to the arrival of Bar Service. The Host must not attempt to ice or chill any beverages before Bar Service arrives.

Ownership and Removal of Beverages and Materials: Unless included in the contract, all beverages provided by Bar Service are strictly for serving at the bar. Ingredients, beverages, and materials provided by Bar Service are property of Bar Service and leftover product will be removed with Bar Service.

Parking and Unloading: Parking and unloading should be performed as close to the designated bar location as possible. The Host will make reasonable efforts to allow parking in close proximity for drop-off and pick-up of equipment and materials.

Accessibility of Designated Bar Location: Certain obstacles, such as stairs, insufficient parking or unloading area, lack of elevator, narrow pathways, tight corners, low clearances, narrow doorways and gates, uneven terrain, etc. may disqualify services or equipment from the event at the sole discretion of the Lead Staff on-site. Bar Service must be able to wheel equipment and materials to designated bar locations. The designated bar locations must be free and clear of all obstacles and personal property.

Liability for Damages: The Host may be held liable for any damages to property or persons if the Host or their guests attempt to assist with operating, moving, lifting, modifying, or fixing any equipment, vehicles, appliances, materials, or tools provided by Bar Service.

Bartender's Responsibilities: Bartender's responsibilities do not exceed the immediate bar area and the bar area will not be left unsupervised while open. Support staff, such as Cocktail Servers or Bar Backs, may be available to provide service outside of the designated bar area (e.g. table service, bussing, etc.). The bar may close temporarily to allow for the preparation of toast, breaks, etc.

Closing Time: Last call will be given 15 minutes prior to the bar closing time, after which the bar will promptly close. Delays in bar closing may result in additional charges to the Host.

Trash Disposal: Disposal of all trash, recyclables, and liquids is the sole responsibility of the Host unless a prior agreement has been made.

Working Space: The Host must provide a clear and dry place for staff to work, including overhang or other cover when rain or sun is anticipated. Minimum space requirements vary, but the suggested space for standard services is 8’ x 8’.

Tips and Gratuities: Unless an increased gratuity has been paid in advance, tip jars will be placed on the bar top for our staff to split. No signs or anything flashy, just a jar. Gratuity can be accepted by staff at any time, regardless of gratuity being prepaid.

Shift Breaks: Bar Service staff are legally required to take shift breaks according to the California labor code. Staff typically break just before the bar opens and, if service is greater than 5 hours, halfway through service.

Alcohol Removal: At no time is Bar Service allowed to remove alcohol from the premises.

Last Updated: August 13, 2023