Answers To Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

Get started by filling out our Event Inquiry Form so we can collect all the necessary details to provide you with a quote. Once the form has been submitted, each client is assigned an Event Manager who will be their primary point of contact and will assist with addressing concerns, answering questions, serving suggestions, etc.

What's my Event ID#?

Every event is assigned a unique ID#. Your Event ID# can be found in the subject line of any emails we've sent you or on the top right corner of your quote or invoice.

Is a liquor license required for my event?

A license from the ABC is not required as long as the following parameters are met for your event as directed in §23399.1 of the ABC Act:

In accordance with §23399.1 of the ABC Act. A direct link to the ABC Act in PDF format is available here.​

Are you insured?

Yes! We carry general liability, liquor liability, worker's compensation, and commercial auto insurance policies. A Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing your venue or company can be provided upon request: Request a COI

What do you provide?

Our service has been streamlined to provide you with the all the necessary components to create a limited full-bar experience for your guests. You simply need to supply the alcohol. For each service, a comprehensive materials list will be provided to the client which details suggested quantities and label recommendations for the beverages they choose. For more information, check out the Events section of our website.

What are your recommendations?

Every event is unique and requires a different approach and we may have requirements for your event so we can maintain our brand's quality. 

For staffing, we typically recommend 1 bartender for every 50 guests. If we're only serving beer and wine, then we recommend 1 bartender for every 75 guests. For weddings, we have a 2 bartender minimum.

For your beverage menu selections, we recommend keeping it somewhat limited. It may not feel complete, but an ideal menu is built for efficiency. To us that means two to three signature cocktails, a few popular varietals of wine, and a couple beer options. We'll have mixers and soft drinks available for simple vodka + sodas or whiskey + ginger ales type drinks.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is a combination of price per guest plus an hourly rate that varies depending on staff quantity required. An 18% service fee and 15% gratuity are included on all invoices. The service fee covers taxes, insurance, and coordination for your event. 100% of the gratuity will go directly to your staff. No tip jars will be displayed with our service.

What kind of events are you available for?

From weddings to corporate events and anything in-between, we have you covered as long as the event meets these requirements determined by the California Alcohol Beverage Control:

In accordance with §23399.1 of the ABC Act. A direct link to the ABC Act in PDF format is available here.​

Is there a travel fee associated with the service?

Yes, a travel fee may be incurred for locations greater than 30 miles from our headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. Due to rising transportation costs and labor expenses, this fee helps us get out the door.