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Raising the bar.

Our mission is to elevate standards for event services

More than great cocktails, we spend considerable time planning, communicating, and preparing for your events.



Santa Clara




What We Offer

A Twist of Lime LLC has primarily operated under the small umbrella of §23399.1 of the ABC Act which makes us a near-full-service beverage catering company. There are some benefits to this model, but revenues could be improved with an ABC License as we are currently restricted to offer only hosted bars for private events with no alcohol sales. Sales are primarily generated from staffing, rental items, and materials. Even without an ABC License, our 5+ years of experience, glowing reviews, and impressive revenue growth are testimony to our success and have given us a proven business model that is replicable.

2022 highlights

  • 309 events

  • 27,325 guests served​

  • 77,766 beverages served

  • ​18,741 miles traveled​


We're thrilled to share that we have some exciting opportunities in sight that we're considering private funding for. In addition, we have goals of pursuing: 

  • Licensed full-service beverage catering

  • Bar & restaurant locations

  • Software licensing

  • Online marketplace

  • Consulting

  • Expansion


Email us at for more information.

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