Solo Bar

The newest bar to our lineup, our Solo Bar takes the best features from all of our bars. Dedicated ice wells, larger speed rails, and utensil holder cutout and introduces full, floor-to-bar-top face which also maintains our off-road capable wheels to conquer all types of terrain. Solo Bars can even be conjoined for a multi-bar setup to create a beautiful workstation and cocktail factory for your guests.

The "faces" are interchangeable front pieces specifically designed for the Solo Bars that are easily switched out to transform the bar to match the style for many types of events.


Dimensions: 48"W x 36"D x 44"H

Color: Gunstock

Material: Wood

Material Content: Redwood

Minimum Footprint: 6' W x 6' D

Recommended Footprint: 8' W x 8' D

Matching Back Bar: No